Why People Have So Many Myths with CBD?

Why People Have So Many Myths with CBD?

Why People Have So Many Myths with CBD?

In the 20th Century, after the prohibition period in the US, Cannabis got a bad reputation in the market. People often compare them with synthetic psychedelic drugs. However, things have changed drastically over the past decade. Today, CBD products are sold almost everywhere in the market. You will find plenty of CBD products in typical stores. Some people have still developed some misconceptions about Hemp plant and CBD products. In this blog, we are going to break the myths and give you factual information.

CBD is a psychedelic Drug

No, CBD is not a psychedelic drug. In fact, it has completely different properties than any other medication. Even if we compare CBD with Marijuana, then CBD has almost Zero quantity of THC (the compound causing psychoactive effects). Instead, they have high amounts of Cannabidiol, which makes them the perfect solution for chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Plus, they won’t make you feel high like recreational Marijuana with high amounts of THC.

CBD is only Extracted from Marijuana

Traditional Marijuana consists of both THC and CBD. However, it has vast amounts of THC, which makes them different from Hemp-derived CBD products. Only industrial hemp flowers are used while making a health supplement. This plant is very friendly to the environment and sustainable to grow. People from around the globe have been using the hemp plant for various purposes.

Hemp and Marijuana are the Same Things

This misconception often causes great confusion among people. It is important to note that both Marijuana and Hemp belong to the same plant species. However, their uses, methods of cultivation, and applications are not identical. Marijuana is mostly used for recreational purposes because of the high THC quantity. As a result, it often gives the consumer mind-altering effects such as dizziness and Euphoria. In comparison, Hemp has high amounts of CBD instead of THC. It makes it suitable for producing skin products, clothing, paper, and dietary supplements. This explanation should clarify the difference between Marijuana and hemp plants.

High Dosage is Always Better

No, every human body is different from each other. Therefore, each individual will experience different effects while consuming CBD products. It would help if you considered various factors to determine the optimum dosage for a person. Bodyweight, age, gender, BMI, health condition, etc. should be considered while deciding the dosage. It would be advisable to consult a medical expert before deciding on your own.